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Make a Venom Halloween mask from FrogzEggz®

The mask was designed by Tharina Malan from Pratley, originally to be a movable half-mask that allows the wearer to speak and see through the eyepiece. It can be simplified to make it a solid mask, instead of having a separate jaw piece.

What you need

  • Kraftex FrogzEggz®
  • Tin foil
  • Spray paint and/or acrylic paint
  • Chalk pastels
  • A skewer
  • Masking tape
  • A wide bowl


  • Facial cast
  • Inexpensive sieve
  • Organza material
  • Pratley Superglue Gel

Step 1: Create the jaw

Roll out a piece of malleable FrogzEggz® along the jawline, from the width of the chin to the bottom lip. If you are not using a facial cast, it is essential to hold the piece to your jawline for it to form to the curvature of your jaw. Only once the FrogzEggz® has set can you remove it from your face or the facial cast.

Step 2: Teeth

Take marble-size balls of FrogzEggz® and sculpt these into elongated teardrops. They can vary in shape and length. To add realism to the teeth, place them on a curved surface to allow them to assume the form. It helps to space the teeth on the jaw in order to see how it looks. Pro tip: Use multi-tack to first see the effect created. Do not cluster the teeth too closely together.

Step 3: Gums

Chafe pink and red chalk pastels into a golfball-size portion of malleable FrogzEggz®. Knead in thoroughly. Note that the colour becomes muted as it cools down. Rather add a little at a time, and wait for it to cool down, instead of adding too much at once.

Once you are happy with the result, reheat the coloured FrogzEggz®, as well as the jawline piece, in order to fuse them together. Roll the ‘gums’ into a wormlike shape in the middle of the jaw piece. Insert the teeth by pushing it into the middle of the ‘worm’. To create a more realistic effect, push them in, and then further inward on both side of each tooth. Note: It is essential to place the teeth in the middle of the jaw piece. Add gums and teeth until you are satisfied with the end result.

Step 4: Mask placement

Place the jawline with the teeth on your own jaw, and ensure that none of the teeth touch your cheek or jut outward. Also ensure that none of the teeth are too long.

If you trace a line from the corner of your mouth following to your ear, none of the teeth should surpass that line. If you are happy with the placement of the teeth, fuse them into the gums, or use Pratley Superglue Gel to adhere the teeth to the gums.

Step 5: Face construction

Secure the malleable FrogzEggz® over the length of your nose and around one side of it. Roll out a second piece, and mould it to your forehead. Keep the edges jagged, as this adds to the overall look. Repeat this process on the cheekbone and temple. Fuse all the pieces together until it forms a solid mask.

Step 6: Top gums

Repeat steps four and five, only this time position the teeth to curve over the bottom teeth.

Step 7: Eyepiece

Roll out a piece of FrogzEggz® about the size of your hand. When the FrogzEggz® sheet has cooled down to a milky state, cut it into a teardrop shape that is big enough to cover the area from the nose to the temple. Place the eyepiece on a curved surface to allow it to set and take form.

Alternatively: If you want to see through the eyepiece, use an inexpensive sieve. Cut out the desired shape from the sieve. To add to the look, stitch white organza fabric over the mesh so that the eyepiece obscures your eye even more.

Once the eyepiece is finished, position it as to how you want it to stay. Take pieces of tin foil and shape a curve away from where your eye will be. Thereafter use FrogzEggz® to support the eyepiece. Either fuse or adhere the eyepiece in place.

Step 8: Lips and eyelids

Add layers of FrogzEggz® over the gums to create a lip, and around the eyepiece to hide where the pieces come together. The lips do not have to be perfect, as the more ragged it looks, the more it resembles the fictional character.

It is highly advisable to reheat the pieces and fuse them together and fit them again to your face to ensure everything is still lined up.

Step 9: Paint

FrogzEggz® can be painted with most paints. The desired result will dictate what paints are used.

If you choose to use acrylic paints, this will require several layers. Initially, the paint will look streaky (this does create a great effect on the teeth though). Paint more layers until the streaks are gone. It will dry with a matte finish.

If you opt for spraypaint, it is essential to tape-off all areas with masking tape before you start spraying your mask. Ensure that the entire mask is coated thoroughly and leave to dry in a well-ventilated area. Should spraypaint leak into any areas, acetone can be used to clean it up.

Note: In order to be able to wear this mask, you need to buy special adhesive from a costume or make-up shop suitable to adhere items to skin.

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